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May 13th, 2015 by admin

This is an extra special edition for all of our My GF Loves Anal fans who are viewing these photos at this very moment. You see this sleazy amateur bitch? She’s not just going to show you her love for anal sex but for everything naughty stuff that she enjoys doing in the bedroom with her BF as well.

First off, she’s into hot lingerie, which brings out her fine curves and make her look sexier. Secondly, she’s into getting cum on her body and all you perv dudes like your bitches going slippery and wet with your jizz, I know. Then, everything else she likes to do with that hard cock in your hands. Sucking on her man’s dick while he fingers her pussy is one of her favorites. She’s into using her sex toys too and she doesn’t use these while she’s all alone because she finds it more fun when stuffing her wet cunt with a dildo with her boyfriend ploughing her tight ass at the same time. If these aren’t hot enough, you’d need to know about her ‘passion for photography’, always wanting to immortalize every single moment of herself with a cock in her pussy and ass.

She sees to it that her BF is in the mood to take pictures of their fuck sessions especially when it involve steamy anal sex, which they both love. Being avid viewers of themselves, they’ve seen a lot of wild anal-loving pairs who gave them too much excitement, which ended up with this a naughty photo compilation they show their friends. Apparently, this chick wanted more people to enjoy their hot sexy time while she gets both her holes drilled so she’s sharing this full pic set for you all.

Wild chick enjoys stuffing her pussy and ass

April 28th, 2015 by mygflovesanal brings to you this sleazy amateur slut who enjoys stuffing her holes on cam especially her tight bunghole. She’s one of those typical party animals who likes to spice up a boring get together and put on her own show. She’s into her acts more when there are horny people watching her do her stuff.

She gladly posed for these photos while her pervy pal took advantage of a front row seat viewing a horny naked honey toying with her ass. This amateur chick just wanted to tease her friends by stripping naked and show off how much weight she lost while doing a new diet she tried out then it got better as she finds herself asking guests to freely take pictures of her. Naked and horny, she started feeling her now wet pussy and spreads her legs for everyone to see. Then we know what happened next as she held her sex toy and began stuffing it inside her ass while she plays with her cunt. Of course everyone in the room screeched to a halt and took part taking their own photos of her for probably like some sort of party favors.

This My GF Loves Anal bitch finally did one of her wildest fantasies and this photo gallery is one of her favorite anal experience given that she get to share it with horny peeps who are into the same kinks as she is. She didn’t feel shy riding and fucking that toy on her ass with some complete strangers caressing their bulging crotch and looking like they’re ready to pounce. She would probably take anyone on that floor and fucked away too but she’s pretty content playing with her toy… for now. Check out her full photo set here.

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April 15th, 2015 by mygflovesanal

We know you are all desperate for some juicy ass and My GF Loves Anal is sure to deliver the best goodies for you all today. These amateur anal photos are pretty hardcore. Not only did this wild skank enjoy getting banged in her tight butthole, she prefers her man’s dong to be the biggest possible.

Talk about tight, this sleazy chick might be fucking an entire nation and still feels tight with this kind of a hung boyfriend. Plus, she enjoys sex more when her lover would do both her pussy and ass at the same time. Clearly, she’s enjoying in these pics and she’s got one hell of a sexy ass too. She also owns one very lucky boyfriend because he can stick that cock in any hole he’d like and every inch of him would be exploring best of both worlds. This particular wild find will be the envy of most hotties who might just have to do with small cocks and those kind of men who only wanted to bang someone’s ass and not much of the pussy.

We got a truly hardcore slut who knows exactly what she wants and always get what she desires. Not much of a resistance too, so it seems. She opens her ass as wide as she can to give way for some rough anal fucking. Probably same goes whenever she wanted that cunt stuffed, she just needs to guide her BF’s boner from her ass to her pussy and vice versa or use her favorite sex toys and fill both holes and fuck ’em hard at the same time. Spilling her secret of wanting two huge cocks fucking her holes might be another set of wild snaps from her soon. But do enjoy these pictures first and be back for more.

Wild girlfriend gets stuffed in both holes

April 1st, 2015 by mygflovesanal

Spring break is almost always fun and this My GF Loves Anal amateur honey knows exactly how she’d spend this vacation with her fuck buddy. Since she gets bored doing kiddie stuff and hates the sun, she’d rather take the heat in the bedroom and have fun taking photos while doing wild stuff in bed.

This is some kinda heat that most people might go for too especially if you are this adventurous. This anal-loving bitch enjoys getting all her holes fucked and this includes her filthy mouth. Playing with her twat using her toys or an empty bottle and at times using her fingers or her entire fist. Yeah, she’s that wild alright. While her lover is busy snapping pictures, she teases him by finger-banging her wet snatch and stuffing it with a bottle.

This wild pair enjoys everything has to offer so now they share these hardcore photos where this slut likes to play with her ass and pussy before letting her boyfriend do his thing with them. It’s like she’s prepping them up for her lover so he could enjoy fucking her tight ass with ease. This naughty bitch prefers to lubricate her holes with her own bodily fluids because her BF loves to lick her dry and taste her and not some artificial ‘flavor’. She likes it when he creams her ass and cunt when they fuck rough and each time she finds herself drenched and dripping in both their juices. Go through all these kinky anal pictures and enjoy this wild skank as she gets stuffed deep and hard. Check back for more ass-fucking scenes that will satisfy your anal cravings.

Hardcore bitch gets her tight ass stuffed

March 17th, 2015 by mygflovesanal

Looking at photos of wild amateur GF getting fucked in the twat is already one hell of a treat, what more if these sluts like getting it in their tight bunghole? Or the more fun it is if these girlfriends prefer to get stuffed in both holes at the same time.

Well, this is exactly what has in this special post today. A hardcore amateur chick who likes loosening up her holes with the help of her horny boyfriend. Taking pictures of her wet cunt and bunghole while they get stuffed with sex toys and fingered, makes her more wild and she does not stop with just the toys and fisting, she demands hardcore anal-fucking using her boyfriend’s throbbing cock as well. She likes the feel of those hard objects inside her ass and she prefers all shapes and sizes to hit the spot. Here in My GF Loves Anal we do have these hardcore girlfriends who do more than just what you would expect to see in their pictures.

This particular chick never fails to surprise her fans since she experiments with all sorts of kinks with her BF and they make sure to compile the new sexual acts into this photo set and share with all you ass-fucking, anal-craving pervs. See how much she enjoys getting stuffed in both her holes. Having more than one finger in that ass and turning it into a fist frenzy and having her lover’s stiff dick all the way inside? This is one hardcore amateur babe alright. She takes it all in like a slutty pro. I don’t know about you lot, but I can only fantasize what this skank could do next and we’d have to find out soon when she sends more of her wild snaps.

Chick gets fucked in her ass and twat

March 3rd, 2015 by mygflovesanal

My GF Loves Anal just keeps getting hotter and hotter. We’re not just going to give you a wild amateur girlfriend who enjoys getting fucked in her tight butthole but she’s one hardcore bitch who likes taking it from more than one dude at a time.

These wild amateur pictures show how much fun this chick is in bed when she multitasks during sex. Aside from begging to be fucked rough and deep in her ass, she’d take anyone’s stiff cock in her mouth and work with her hand on another. Since she’s like a pro doing more than one thing at the same time, this wild threesome definitely gave her pleasure as she gives pleasure to both these lucky bastards feasting on her holes. There’s another horny guy watching them and I’m pretty sure he has got his cock in standing ovation the entire time he’s taking pictures of the three. We can only guess what he did when he got one of this slut’s holes free for the taking and surely he won’t have to wait a long time since he could choose whether to stick that cock in this skank’s mouth or her ass or that wet pussy.

Based on these photos, it looks like anywhere would do and anything this chick will take. A load of anal-banging pictures like this is one of the many reasons why you lot frequent and you will see more of these wild babes getting their asses stuffed deep and hard. Consider this gallery a special edition and we’ll deliver hotter than hot anal-loving bitches who will drive you wild with their naughty fantasies. Enjoy the full anal action here.

Blonde bitch gets stuffed rough in her ass

February 17th, 2015 by mygflovesanal

You’re back for another sizzling edition of My GF Loves Anal and that’s what you will get. A bunch of pictures from this wild blonde chick enjoying herself with a new beau. It didn’t take long until things got heated up since this petite slut have been asking for a rough anal fuck.

We don’t just give you videos and photos of hardcore bitches getting stuffed in their ass tho because a lot goes on before hitting the home run from behind. Like this set of pictures from a horny blonde bimbo who starts off by licking and sucking on her boyfriend’s dick, preparing it for a hot ride. She wanted it huge and stiff that can glide in and out of her pussy and ass with ease. Oh, and of course, it’ll be a lot more enjoyable milking a hard dick and probably finds it hotter sucking on the cock without having to hold it the entire time. We see that often on pics and videos when dudes prefer to let their cock hang on a chick’s face while she plays with it with her tongue and keeps her hands down on the sides.

Aside from watching the stiffness disappear in that eager mouth like it has a mind of its own, likes to see these boners get swallowed up by tight asses and moist cunts as well. This amateur blondie had a wild time giving head and getting stuffed up her bunghole and shaved twat. Check out the full photo gallery here. Be sure to tell your anal-loving friends about these hardcore sluts. You’ll get more of them here soon.

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February 4th, 2015 by mygflovesanal

The most adventurous in bed would try anything and everything to please themselves or their partners. One of the naughty activities when it comes to sex, which My GF Loves Anal is referring to is, of course the act of fucking that tight ass.

Some are indeed wild enough to try even if they cringe at the thought of getting their poop chutes fucked for the first time, feeling like a virgin all over again while their muscles are stretched with every thrust. We compiled a bunch of amateur pictures of these anal-loving skanks who enjoy getting stuffed in both their holes. Some like to experiment with different toys, wanting to feel different sensations with various sizes of dildoes and at times, anything that is fat, long, and hard they find in their vegetable crisper would come in handy too. Viewing these amateur babes playing on cam solely for fans of, you will discover different styles of pleasuring that they do and each one will make your jaw drop.

Photos of naughty chicks fingering their ass while some prefer to get their holes banged by their boyfriend’s stiff cock. And if you think these are wild, some of our naughty bitches like penetrating both their twat and tight ass at the same time. Imagine the amount of pussy juice plus their ass getting all creamed while it’s being played with. Add to these are the loud moans you’ll hear while they get stuffed pretty damn deep. For these hardcore sluts, it’s all about practice and it starts by sticking their finger in that ass until they go bigger and bigger and end up enjoying a fast and rough fuck session with someone’s boner. View the entire photo gallery here for more anal action.

Super Tight And Gaping Assholes Get Ripped To The Max

November 23rd, 2012 by mygflovesanal

Pictures of babes getting their poop chutes fucked are quite hard to come by but since you are a fan of My GF Loves Anal, we make it sure to give you your daily dose of anal play either through steamy videos of flaming hot photos. For today, we have this nice collection of stills of different girls into anal sex and you can see in these pictures that they are enjoying the ride. Well, of course they enjoy themselves, that’s the main purpose of, giving you all the anal pleasures that you can ever think of and our amateur honeys won’t let your pervy cravings down. You will be fantasizing more of chicks willing to take your cock from behind once you view the entire picture collection. Oh, and am not just talking about bitches who like to get fucked in the pussy doggie style, no, this is all about asses and so all the girls you’ll see are having fun fingering their holes or having a fuck buddy drill their ass for them using their stiff rods. Sounds exciting, eh? Nothing beats a chick who likes adventure and would like getting both her fuck holes filled with anything long and hard. You may find it tough to meet some bitch who’d let you bang her tush but if you need some pointers on how to get that girl to approve of your request then you have to visit us often to learn just how to make her “open up” more and let you experience one hell of a wild back ride. View all the hot anal sex pictures here and enjoy!

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November 16th, 2012 by mygflovesanal

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