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Naughty MILF loves getting her ass fucked

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

It’s amazing to watch pairs do naughty stuff to each other even when they look totally wasted. Oh, yes, of course it’s quite typical for people to do kinky things when they’re wasted but what we’re trying to make you see here are two extremely horny people who wanted nothing but the pure pleasure of banging every hole they find beneath their bellies. My GF Loves Anal brings you these hot set of photos of a sleazy housewife enjoying the fuck feast done to both her ass and her cunt. She’s one of the kinkiest you’ll ever see coz she ain’t just gonna lie there and get banged by just her hubby’s dick – she brings two more toys to play with and make herself a lot more slutty by inserting a dildo in her pussy and one in her butt crack.

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Today’s episode of My GF Loves Anal features this young teen tramp who loves fucking her poop shoot with anything that would fit in this filthy hole. But to start off, she experiments with the classic type of dildo, ribbed for that extra pleasure, and she also got someone to help her with her dirty deed. In this video, you can freely watch how this innocent-looking young lady beats her ass up pretty good with the aid of her lucky friends – her dildo and her playmate.

She’s just the typical girl — likes to get her nails painted, gets busy, and likes watching… err…cartoons? What’s not typical though is how she does her sexual fantasy while getting busy with other things – yeah, and I’m referring to watching a TV show. Now, isn’t that kinky or what? It looks like she did enjoy getting her ass drilled even if she’s a fucking multi-tasker during these times. Just watch her and see the expression on her face like she’s about to cum through a different hole. Maybe this is how her ultimate fantasy’s supposed to be – weird yet hot. Go here now to watch the full video or visit today to get your daily dose of anal-lovin’ bitches.

Anna gets her ass drilled by a huge cock and her dildo

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Welcome back ass-bangin’ maniacs! My GF Loves Anal has this appetizing collection of photos for you today. This is our naughty Anna and she just loves to get her asshole banged by all things huge and merciless. She got both her boyfriend’s cock and her ever reliable dildo up her ass, just how she wanted it. This seductive tramp started to strip off her clothes and teased her boyfriend using her dirty poses as she touch herself and fondle her pussy. They went into the bedroom to continue their nasty deed. They both got stark naked and started to play with each other like how horny cats would.

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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Today on My GF Loves Anal is one steamy young couple engaged in a sleazy deed. They wanted to experiment on something cool and different — using a rather unique tool to drill this chick’s smooth white ass. Instead of the typical dildos you see, they got this huge neon green cunt and ass banger one. Sex is way hotter with gadgets like these — just look at how more lively and fun it is to watch an alien-like dick fucking your girlfriend’s asshole like that. On the other hand, E.T.’s got that long and ribbed finger. Hmmm… But that’s one hell of a different story.

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