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Butthole got stuffed and creamed

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

This is one of the best anal sex videos that I’ve watched. And I’m betting in the name of that you will agree that I am right. Well, sheesh, I was never wrong when choosing which hot videos to show you, right? So, I’m telling you right now that you won’t regret spending time watching the super hot clips that we have in store for you today. See the two screenshots here? It already looks fucking nice but, trust me, it gets even way better when you get to view the videos behind these stills. This chick has a very nice and firm butt on her, which begs to get slapped a thousand times over. I personally love this type of an ass. It’s like a bunch of freshly kneaded bread, slowly rising while getting baked in an oven. Hot, plump, and I bet these twin peaks smell as delicious too. Wonder how it tastes like when you stuff your meat somewhere in the middle and fill it with your hot sticky cream that would come oozin’ out soon after you take your stiff cock out from her lovely buns. Hear this slutty babe moan while she’s getting fucked in the ass by this lucky guy who, by the sound of it, is having one hell of a wild time too. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the hell they’re saying. I’m not so sure about the language but, hell, all you got to do is watch and savor the climatic moans. These are enough to make you cum in no time. My GF Loves Anal won’t come short with these amazing videos that’s why we’re confident that we come first on your list. Just click here for more and do come back (not like I need to remind you) to keep those anal sex fantasies alive!

Slutty Anna gets her tight ass fucked

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I welcome you to another hot episode of My GF Loves Anal, introducing this slutty babe who goes by name Anna. I bet everyone in this planet knows an Anna but I think this one, our Anna, is a whole lot more special than the ones you know. Firstly, she’s way hot. Second fact, she’s one of ’em chicks who are into getting her asshole fucked. Last but definitely not the least, she’s a part of this fuckin’ awesome site where you can browse through tons and tons of photos, showing sluts like her who enjoy getting screwed from behind. What could be more wonderful than having a girl like this who’s not just so yummy-looking but very accommodating as well, eh? Yes, accommodating. You know, entertain our big cocks by letting it enter her beloved hole (or holes). From the looks of all these delicious stills, it’s almost hard to believe that there are stillĀ  “all-around” pussies who’d take a hard shaft in almost all the holes on their bodies. Ok, we’ve seen hardcore, but nobody has ever tried fucking a nostril or an eardrum before. Maybe you need to look these up at a freak show or a very creepy site.

Anyway, exposes this slut who can do and loves to do all that you see in these photos. She definitely knows how to dress herself up to show how sexy she is and she knows too well on how it’ll make her a very sexy bitch when she takes off all these clothing too. Then she sucks the life out of this dick that will later find its way inside her asshole. And, like I said, she accommodates almost anything that would fit this tight hole of hers. She also has a knack for dildoing it aside from fucking her twat with the thing. Oh, damn, and there are two more things: she fingers her ass too and make her fuck buddy stuff it with his cock! I know you’re panting right now from too much excitement, I don’t blame you. And to make you enjoy that sensation more, I summon you into clicking this link and go under a mighty spell of horniness.