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Tight ass fucked with a vibrator and jizzed on

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

It’s a double treat for you today here on GF Loves Anal. I picked this video upon tons of others coz I think it’s a bit of a special edition of ass and cunt fucking rolled into one. This is one of those videos that could wear out from too much playbacks. Because here in the stills you can clearly see what this lucky dude’s doing to this naughty slut. He got his dick inside the pussy while he maneuvers the vibrator, placing it on his navel, while fucking this chick‘s tight asshole with it. All we can do is imagine how this slut’s feeling while she’s getting banged in both her holes. If one is already enough to make her squirm and moan in pleasure, I think she would shatter glass houses if she starts screamin’ for more while getting fully stuffed with a dick and a vibrator all at the same time. This video is extra hot I’m so damn sure you don’t get to see things like this everyday. Ok, it shouldn’t be everyday, but at least not in other sites, it’s only at I feel positive about the fact that you get to see something as kinky, for the first time, just right here.

I can’t get over this and I think I will have to go over the entire scene for the third time after I write these down. This keyboard needs some serious cleaning. Got all the damn keys wet and sticky coz I mess the place up each time I jack off! I mean, seriously, who could resist something like this, right? I can’t even think straight by just looking at the screens of this chick’s video. That smooth firm ass and her tight holes just make me want to pull her and grab those butt cheeks hard, and fuck her with all the strength I got. Let’s see if she can stand getting banged for hours. Click here to watch all the naughty bitches who likes getting their assholes drilled.

Wild blonde stuffs her ass with sex toys

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Wanna know what’s really cool about the naughty chicks we have here in My GF Loves Anal? Well, first off, they do the unthinkable for most of the female species, and that is to bang their assholes with all the stuff that they can ever think of fitting in those tight holes. Secondly, they don’t just show us what they do to please themselves by sticking things in their asses, they also include such fetishes like this blonde hottie that we got here — so into a more wild play, wearing this fishnet type of a lingerie over her fucking awesome naked body. And don’t forget the leather gag ball strap, which she placed perfectly over her mouth. Oh, man, how I want that to suck my dick dry right now! Having that thing on her mouth would give me the power to make her suck for as long as I want her to and all she could do is cry helplessly, begging me to stop. Of course I would not just stop when she demands me to, that clearly defeats the purpose of the game. Last but definitely not the least, this slutty babe wanted the entire planet to know of her kinkiness, reason for these hot photos. And to top these all off, she made the right decision of clicking on to spread this collection of pictures to all of us here. Now ain’t she a perfect package of sluttiness or what? Her curvy body with those plump and huge tits alone can make me hard in snap. I think you have to get yourself checked first before fantasizing about this chick because her naughty nature might drive you insanely horny.