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GFs who go for anal sex

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Here in My GF Loves Anal, we collect all these pictures of sizzling horny babes who’d do anything to get their tight poop chutes stuffed. From fingering their assholes, to fucking it with a dildo, inserting long hard objects (fruits, vegetables, pens, bottles, etc.), or simply having their trusted male counterparts do the fucking with their stiff dongs. I’ve seen tons and tons of these chicks but each of them has their own unique way of presenting themselves as they handle anal sex. I don’t get surprised that much anymore with regards to the item choices that they want to fuck their buttholes with. Honestly, I don’t give a shit as to what they insert in there as long as they can make me cum while I look at them in their slutty poses. It’s true that not every chick out there is game for this kind of fucking that’s why you’re always welcome to visit us here in, where your hopes of watching bitches get drilled in the ass, will never fail.

I know some of the babes in these pictures and I’ve already experienced sticking my dick in those tiny tight holes. Surprisingly, even if some of them tried fucking their assholes with stuff as thick and fat as soda cans, these muscles eventually go back to being tight, though not as tight, but good enough to fuck your dick with and quite effortlessly, which makes it really damn fun. Because each time you press something inside those holes, these slutty chicks squirm like worms left in a hot plate! But this reaction is pretty normal and they do this coz they’re simply loving the mood. Ready for your own anal humping? Check the rest of the horny chicks here now and enjoy!

Horny bitch gets her asshole stuffed

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

You are to watch another naughty video here in My GF Loves Anal and you’ll be seeing this chick’s asshole get stuffed up close. She’s been planning this for quite sometime now and she’s lucky that we’ve picked to feature her today. This kinky girl obviously prepared for this shoot. Her nails have been overhauled coated in this sickening powder pink nail polish and I’m guessing that her thongs are new. I don’t see the point of wearing them when you’ll get fucked without them in the first place. But since she made the effort of making this video extra hot, I think I don’t have the right to say what’s good and what’s not about her masterpiece. Besides, all I care about is the sole benefit that I got (and still getting) from this wild anal fucking video.

See, I must’ve beaten my willy to this sweet fuck for maybe around four times since I laid my eyes on it. And it was just yesterday when we got this. Did I say sweet? Yeah, sweet. I know how it feels to stick my dick in an ass but the adventure lies on the beholder – the tighter, the better. And that saying speaks for both a chick’s pussy and ass. Unless you got a really really huge cock, then I guess a little loosen hole won’t be much of a problem coz you won’t notice the difference anyways. So to view the full video, take a quick tour in while you use your hardcore imagination on how you’d fuck that tight butthole. They say it’s tough to find chicks who’ll let you bang their poop chutes but to watch the videos here is the closest thing you can get if you desperately need that anal fix.

Chicks into hot anal sex

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Ready for another steamy episode here in My GF Loves Anal? Well we’ve gathered a whole set of pictures with really kinky chicks in them who are so into ass-fucking. Yes, you read it right, we got a couple of them so you are sure to get not just one reason to jack off but you’ll be beating that meat to at least three different bitches. So don’t wonder why you love it here, we know what you want when you pay us a visit. Ok, so these bitches you are seeing right now actually know each other and they’ve planned this photo shoot to create this hot compilation. I think you might be imagining a grand orgy right there, huh? Because by just looking at these three, you’d automatically feel that painful sting in your dick when you desperately wanted to explode but can’t. Of course you can’t just cum easily when you got a lot of reasons to enjoy the pleasure for a much longer time, right?

Fishnet stockings, blowjobs, vibrators, shaven twats and ass fucking are all in this single gallery, which you can always go back to when you need that threesome anal fix. See what I mean by a steamy episode? These chicks don’t just get their buttholes stuffed, they want more than that, which make them hotter. One of them has a thing for kinky stockings, one simply loves to suck dicks, while the third chick prefers to get both her pussy and butthole stuffed at the same time. But the thing that brought them together was their love for anal sex. And you’re here for that triple delight (and some more). If you haven’t bookmarked yet, you better do it now coz you will be visiting us a lot more often.