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Hot chick in a hardcore anal sex

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

We’ll be (quite literally) kicking ass today here on My GF Loves Anal because this featured babe is just too hot to handle. She spends her time with her flings the way she would with naughty guys who do nothing but jack off to anything with a pussy attached to it. Yes, this slutty girl is wild and you will see in these photos, that I am positive about it. Unlike other girlfriends, this one go all the way to please you, well, on a condition that you will make her cum for at least 3 consecutive times. Didn’t I just mention that she is wild? Three times is only her minimum and I can only imagine how tired she must be after getting both her pussy and asshole drilled. Who wouldn’t get all excited when you are faced with a sexy kitten in her kinky lingerie that we would eventually consider pointless after a few seconds of seeing it on her, right? The clothes are just props waiting to disintegrate from your body when all you are thinking of is how well you will fuck and get fucked while wearing them.

Like I said, this chick will go all the way to please and she will let you ride her poop chute all you want, ’til you run dry from cumming. I must warn you, she is gravely serious when she told me and our crew about her skill of keeping up and squirting jizz for more than 3 times in a row. And, take note, she says she will still ask for more especially when she sees that you are about to give up. She’s fond of men who can compete with what she can do and these men are the lucky ones who can take her anywhere at any time. So keep on visiting for new discoveries on wild hot babes who are anal sex loving just like yourself.

Fingering and stuffing her tight butthole

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Our featured My GF Loves Anal video today was submitted by this kinky babe who experienced getting her asshole played with in two ways. We’re all familiar with the typical ass fucking using our hard dongs but of course we’ll try new things to make this a lot more exciting. And though I know for a fact that the other way is not new at all, you will find yourselves getting amazed that this horny slut‘s ready to take anything in just to please. In every video we post here, there’s always a story attached. Surprisingly, it’s the dude who fucked this chick who wanted to share with us their little fairytale, hoping that it’ll be a good bedtime story.

It’s not so rare to find men who wanted that spotlight as they narrate their hot encounter with their sizzling and wild bitches. Sometimes it’s way cooler to actually hear the story from their end coz they’d be so fucking animated, you’d think you’re watching an X-rated charade. But because this post is about our naughty chick who likes grinding her butt cheeks up in the air as she gets fucked from behind, we’ll be focusing on her and how she takes both this dude’s fingers and cock up her ass. If you’ve been clicking on for quite sometime now, you won’t get surprised to find a whole lot of other videos that show babes with the same addiction. Anal sex takes a little practice but I’m pretty sure even noobs will enjoy their first time here.