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Stuffing her tight asshole

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Here in My GF Loves Anal, it is all about babes who find it fucking pleasurable toying with their assholes in every way possible. But the picture set that we have for you today isn’t just about a tight poop chute getting stuffed. This slut knows more than any typical anal sex fun. As if getting into it isn’t hot enough, she wanted to show us more and there’s no stopping this sizzling horny girl. The sample photos you see here are actually just teasers. If you think these are already going to give you a bad case of cock sore (if there’s even such thing) from too much jacking off, then I think you’d be needing a wheelchair after you’ve seen the entire collection coz maybe you’d find it fucking hard to move from waist down — immobilizing yourself after you’ve ran out of jizz to explode.

This is a fucking awesome site for all you anal-loving pervs out there. It’s not because you’ll drown yourself from too much exposure to nice asses, firm buns, and tight poop chutes but apart from the obvious, there are other reasons why you’d enjoy coming back here. This naughty babe, for example, can (almost) do it all — everything — for anyone who knows how to please her. Hint for all you aspiring ass-fucking dudes out there: she ain’t hard to please. She may look like someone you can only watch from exclusive porn movies, having a huge perfect pair of tits, nice curves, and armed with a really naughty nature – good news, she’s all yours here on All you got to do is click here so you’d see that she also likes playing with her naughty piece of locking ring and anything in between. Enjoy!

Drilling her ass deep and hard

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Hey there! You’re back and I’m glad you are because I wanted to show you what I just found — yes, another steamy anal video that you will wank off to. My GF Loves Anal knows what you’re looking for each time you visit and that’s what you’re going to get today. See these screen cap? Doesn’t it look fucking hot? I’ve arranged this little get together with my beer buddies and this includes a number of sluts who volunteered to get their buttholes drilled by all the dicks they’ll meet tonight. Don’t get me wrong, these chicks aren’t just whores from street corners, these are actually some of my men’s girlfriends who willingly proposed that we fuck them hard from behind and get them writhing in great pleasure. I have gathered all the props that we need. I got a cold soda in can, a small toy baseball bat, and a full grown courgette, to name a few. If you think that we’re going to stuff all these inside these chicksassholes, well, uhmm… you’re damn right! It’s all experimental and we got “permission”, if that’s what’s bothering you. Ha! One of the girls told me that it’s a kinky fantasy of hers to have her ass drilled with a cold courgette and she wants the biggest one I can find. Oh, man. I guess all we got to do next for is to convince these wild bitches to have their dirty deeds filmed so I could post their videos in this site too. Sounds damn good, eh?