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Blonde bitch gets stuffed rough in her ass

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

You’re back for another sizzling edition of My GF Loves Anal and that’s what you will get. A bunch of pictures from this wild blonde chick enjoying herself with a new beau. It didn’t take long until things got heated up since this petite slut have been asking for a rough anal fuck.

We don’t just give you videos and photos of hardcore bitches getting stuffed in their ass tho because a lot goes on before hitting the home run from behind. Like this set of pictures from a horny blonde bimbo who starts off by licking and sucking on her boyfriend’s dick, preparing it for a hot ride. She wanted it huge and stiff that can glide in and out of her pussy and ass with ease. Oh, and of course, it’ll be a lot more enjoyable milking a hard dick and probably finds it hotter sucking on the cock without having to hold it the entire time. We see that often on pics and videos when dudes prefer to let their cock hang on a chick’s face while she plays with it with her tongue and keeps her hands down on the sides.

Aside from watching the stiffness disappear in that eager mouth like it has a mind of its own, likes to see these boners get swallowed up by tight asses and moist cunts as well. This amateur blondie had a wild time giving head and getting stuffed up her bunghole and shaved twat. Check out the full photo gallery here. Be sure to tell your anal-loving friends about these hardcore sluts. You’ll get more of them here soon.

Wild girlfriends get stuffed in their ass

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

The most adventurous in bed would try anything and everything to please themselves or their partners. One of the naughty activities when it comes to sex, which My GF Loves Anal is referring to is, of course the act of fucking that tight ass.

Some are indeed wild enough to try even if they cringe at the thought of getting their poop chutes fucked for the first time, feeling like a virgin all over again while their muscles are stretched with every thrust. We compiled a bunch of amateur pictures of these anal-loving skanks who enjoy getting stuffed in both their holes. Some like to experiment with different toys, wanting to feel different sensations with various sizes of dildoes and at times, anything that is fat, long, and hard they find in their vegetable crisper would come in handy too. Viewing these amateur babes playing on cam solely for fans of, you will discover different styles of pleasuring that they do and each one will make your jaw drop.

Photos of naughty chicks fingering their ass while some prefer to get their holes banged by their boyfriend’s stiff cock. And if you think these are wild, some of our naughty bitches like penetrating both their twat and tight ass at the same time. Imagine the amount of pussy juice plus their ass getting all creamed while it’s being played with. Add to these are the loud moans you’ll hear while they get stuffed pretty damn deep. For these hardcore sluts, it’s all about practice and it starts by sticking their finger in that ass until they go bigger and bigger and end up enjoying a fast and rough fuck session with someone’s boner. View the entire photo gallery here for more anal action.