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Fucking her pussy and butthole

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Our featured naughty chick is so into fucking that she likes to get it both ways. My GF Loves Anal will show you what I mean by that through this video that she made with her ex-boyfriend. No, they didn’t break up because of this coz they decided to do this after they ended their 4-month old relationship. Yes, now they said they’re happier because they’re free to fuck each other and some others with no strings attached. This horny amateur bitch likes giving her fuck and love holes their daily dose of pleasure and she gets it whenever she wants. Not only is she wild, she’s a fucked up whore who likes to sleep around or just play with herself every single day, enjoying every fucking moment like it’s the last. She doesn’t waste any time when she’s getting drilled and she uses all her resources to make sure that she’ll have one hell of a fucking time. She’s not your typical chick who just take it in her twat coz she gets crazy in bed when you start poking and playing then fucking her butthole. She says butt-fucking makes her lose her mind and it gives her pleasure like she has never felt before. Anal sex is like a top priority in this slutty babe‘s list of things-to-do (every fucking day) and became her instant BFF the moment she discovered that this is like a fucking butthole haven for anal-loving pervs like herself. Want to see her in action? Click this link to watch the full video.

Amateur busty babe gets her ass fucked

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

You’re back for another steamy hot ass-fucking action here in and you will definitely enjoy wanking that big woody of yours when you watch this video. Our featured babe today is gorgeous and way too sexy to not jack off to. She’s got a pair of knockout breasts, a slim figure, sultry looks, and of course, a very horny character which you’ll all watch in this anal sex video. As you can see with the way I described her, she’s a fucking complete package that we all wanted to take home and just fuck with all night long. She is a perfect package because we got a bonus and that is her wanting to be fucked in her tight asshole.

I’ve slept with a lot of bitches and finding someone who offers their poop chutes for you to stick your dick into is kinda rare. And since I discovered how I enjoy banging a chick from behind while she drills her pussy with a dildo, I concluded that I’m a fucking keeper of anal sex loving bitches coz I do crave for them more than I drool over chicks who just wanted to ride my cock on their twats. There’s always place for adventure and it’s a lot fun to try out different things in bed. My GF Loves Anal boasts of this yet another wild video of a horny bitch getting her ass drilled while masturbating. And if you’re like me who chokes his dick on clips like these, then you’re in luck coz this video is sure to fire you up and keep you burning for hours.

Hardcore anal sex and hot cumshot

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

It’s not my birthday today but if it is yours, well, you’re just about to get one hell of a sizzling present straight from your favorite anal channel, You’re here for an obvious reason and the most exciting part is in this hot video. If you’ve paid attention to the title of this post (ok, you’re checking on it again) then I got my point right there. The video that we have for you today is fucking hot and hardcore coz the bitch in it got her tight asshole fucked so hard, all her poop chute’s juice came pouring out like a hot bagel filling. This chick isn’t just all about anal sex though, she also wanted her fuck buddy‘s cum all over her body and she loves to swallow the entire load too. Now there goes the added bonus and the extra icing on your cake. I have watched tons of anal videos and though all of them are quite predictable, you know, dick banging an ass and making the bitches scream in delight, this edition will leave you panting and moaning for hours coz it’s like watching a merciless deepthroat except that this ain’t a mouth getting fucked.

Watching this video made me cringe at some parts simply because it’s like ripping someone’s ass and waiting for it to crack open. Ha! Yeah, some kind of imagination, eh? Well, you’ll feel exactly the same when you watch it yourself. This dude stuffing his cock like he’s banging a blow up doll propped on a wall and spilling his seeds all over when he’s done, will give you the ecstasy that you came here for. The cumshot itself is arousing enough, what more if you click here and watch the full video? Keep coming back here at My GF Loves Anal, you’ll never know what other surprises await you.

Hot afternoon anal sex

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

It has always been one of my fantasies, to fuck sluts from behind, stuffing their assholes with my big boner. My GF Loves Anal is one of the sites on the net that I never fail to visit coz I got hooked watching videos of chicks getting drilled rough and deep in their poop chutes. With my addiction comes the question a lot of girls ask me when I bring up the topic about anal sex: “What’s the difference?” Ok, so they’re asking me what’s the difference between fucking their cunts and their assholes. First answer that popped up was that the butthole‘s almost always tighter than the twat and it stays that way for a longer time. Well, dude, maybe because it’s really not meant to be stuffed by anything, eh? But since we’re all naturally perverted creatures and tend to experiment with every possible position or with whatever “gadget” we might find too interesting to not try out, these buttholes have long been invaded by our naughty throbbing pets.

In this video, you’ll see clearly how this chick‘s asshole got some good fuckin’ loving from her boyfriend. They enjoy anal sex so much that this dude’s dick already fits perfectly in his slutty girl’s ass. You can see that they still have a little tough time going deeper but it feels so damn good to struggle inserting your cock and pulling it back out and pushing it way deep again, slowly — I ought to know coz I’ve fucked chicks’ assholes a number of times. At your first attempt, nasty things will flood your already dirty mind. You know, like how filthy it is to be humping a human sewer or something as icky as that. But based from my anal encounters, you’ll get addicted and not really know why. It’s like trying to get a tat even if you despise needles and all the pain that goes with it but when you finally get one, you’ll find yourself searching for the next tat design to place on your body. Now watch this video and visit often especially if you haven’t tried fucking someone’s ass yet. Maybe we’d be convincing enough and you might get hooked too.

Drilling her ass deep and hard

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Hey there! You’re back and I’m glad you are because I wanted to show you what I just found — yes, another steamy anal video that you will wank off to. My GF Loves Anal knows what you’re looking for each time you visit and that’s what you’re going to get today. See these screen cap? Doesn’t it look fucking hot? I’ve arranged this little get together with my beer buddies and this includes a number of sluts who volunteered to get their buttholes drilled by all the dicks they’ll meet tonight. Don’t get me wrong, these chicks aren’t just whores from street corners, these are actually some of my men’s girlfriends who willingly proposed that we fuck them hard from behind and get them writhing in great pleasure. I have gathered all the props that we need. I got a cold soda in can, a small toy baseball bat, and a full grown courgette, to name a few. If you think that we’re going to stuff all these inside these chicksassholes, well, uhmm… you’re damn right! It’s all experimental and we got “permission”, if that’s what’s bothering you. Ha! One of the girls told me that it’s a kinky fantasy of hers to have her ass drilled with a cold courgette and she wants the biggest one I can find. Oh, man. I guess all we got to do next for is to convince these wild bitches to have their dirty deeds filmed so I could post their videos in this site too. Sounds damn good, eh?

Brittany gets rough anal fucking

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

There came a point when I almost cursed people who describe twats, asses, and boobs like some kind of a meal by commenting how delicious these things are or how much yummy they must taste but, to admit it sheepishly, I think I’m starting to become one of them. got me thinking about the possibilities. We do get extra naughty by pumping whipped cream on some hot chick’s butt cheek or tits or even on their shaven mounds, just before we “eat” them. See, that’s the term we usually use so I guess saying this bitch’s ass look and taste delicious especially that this video shows how much the dude enjoys fucking the tight hole with his hard cock.

The skin on this babe’s butt cheek looks so tender and firm and quite flawless, like it has been airbrushed that it almost looks fake. Luckily, My GF Loves Anal don’t really want to boast of chicks with plastic or gels inside their bodies coz, honestly, knowing they got a pack or two in those buns or anywhere else lessens my sexual drive. In this video though, I’m glad to announce that this horny sex kitty’s ass is real as the balls between my legs. And right now am itching to try my skills on drilling her tight hole with much energy and make her scream for more. I want to pour some maple syrup on these buns and lick them off while I fuck her asshole with a dildo and jack off at the same time. Then I could dump my cum all over her just so I can say that the delicious cake’s ready to be served with a special kind of icing that wild girls would go gaga over. Watch here and go crazy over the chick and her hot flamin’ buns.

Fingering and stuffing her tight butthole

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Our featured My GF Loves Anal video today was submitted by this kinky babe who experienced getting her asshole played with in two ways. We’re all familiar with the typical ass fucking using our hard dongs but of course we’ll try new things to make this a lot more exciting. And though I know for a fact that the other way is not new at all, you will find yourselves getting amazed that this horny slut‘s ready to take anything in just to please. In every video we post here, there’s always a story attached. Surprisingly, it’s the dude who fucked this chick who wanted to share with us their little fairytale, hoping that it’ll be a good bedtime story.

It’s not so rare to find men who wanted that spotlight as they narrate their hot encounter with their sizzling and wild bitches. Sometimes it’s way cooler to actually hear the story from their end coz they’d be so fucking animated, you’d think you’re watching an X-rated charade. But because this post is about our naughty chick who likes grinding her butt cheeks up in the air as she gets fucked from behind, we’ll be focusing on her and how she takes both this dude’s fingers and cock up her ass. If you’ve been clicking on for quite sometime now, you won’t get surprised to find a whole lot of other videos that show babes with the same addiction. Anal sex takes a little practice but I’m pretty sure even noobs will enjoy their first time here.

Rough butthole banging

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I can’t help but imagine whether dogs, yes the animals, bang in the ass too. Because when I see these horny creatures do their nasty thing on street corners, you’ll watch them hump their mates from behind and howl away. Well, I guess that’s the only way to stick that tiny dick in that little pink canine hole. But My GF Loves Anal is not about dogs, just naughty people who fuck like wild ones. And to prove the point, I got this sizzling video of a chick who got her poop chute drilled to a pulp. Of course she enjoyed it and I think she will be making more of this kind of video in the near future especially that we featured her today. She says that she always visit, hoping to get some tips on how she can perform her anal masterpiece in full blast. After watching this hot video, all I can say’s she did her role pretty damn good. Obviously, this two enjoyed their own show, enjoyed too much that they actually had a part 2 of this hot session somewhere in the garden. Oooohh… we’d love to see that one too, don’t we? I’ll make sure that they make another hot anal vid for us, which involves a lot of new other hot spots (in its literal sense). Watch this naughty chick get her butthole stuffed with a thick and stiff cock. You will enjoy it so much, you’d hump your bagel ’til you spread some nice hot cream on it.

Hot and rough anal fuck

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Ok, first off, you must understand that whenever you visit My GF Loves Anal, the hot babes we feature in our videos don’t always show their faces for the simple reason that they are getting banged from behind. Of course, that’s the only way we could show you how things are done here. But sometimes we do have bitches who wanted full-blown exposure that’s why their anal videos show not only their assholes getting stuffed, but they display their pretty faces too, giving you that satisfaction of seeing how much they enjoy the back ride. But in this episode, we bring you a horny girl who got her ass fucked, yes, facing away from the camera, but is sure to make you as horny as hell and fuck like a madman. Watch this dude’s cock drive in and out of this tight hole. Another thing that makes this video so fucking wild is that the chick obviously enjoys it.

There are no fuss, no-frills, this girlfriend knows how to understand your need to stick it in and appreciate the different kind of pleasure you give. And as you watch this video, you’d realize that this bitch obviously enjoys anal sex and like it rough. It’s odd that there are a lot of us who drop by to feast of asses getting poked and fucked but there are few who wanted to participate. But there’s no need to fret coz we are just a click away, right here, compiling shits (no pun intended) to serve your anal cravings.

Horny bitch gets her asshole stuffed

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

You are to watch another naughty video here in My GF Loves Anal and you’ll be seeing this chick’s asshole get stuffed up close. She’s been planning this for quite sometime now and she’s lucky that we’ve picked to feature her today. This kinky girl obviously prepared for this shoot. Her nails have been overhauled coated in this sickening powder pink nail polish and I’m guessing that her thongs are new. I don’t see the point of wearing them when you’ll get fucked without them in the first place. But since she made the effort of making this video extra hot, I think I don’t have the right to say what’s good and what’s not about her masterpiece. Besides, all I care about is the sole benefit that I got (and still getting) from this wild anal fucking video.

See, I must’ve beaten my willy to this sweet fuck for maybe around four times since I laid my eyes on it. And it was just yesterday when we got this. Did I say sweet? Yeah, sweet. I know how it feels to stick my dick in an ass but the adventure lies on the beholder – the tighter, the better. And that saying speaks for both a chick’s pussy and ass. Unless you got a really really huge cock, then I guess a little loosen hole won’t be much of a problem coz you won’t notice the difference anyways. So to view the full video, take a quick tour in while you use your hardcore imagination on how you’d fuck that tight butthole. They say it’s tough to find chicks who’ll let you bang their poop chutes but to watch the videos here is the closest thing you can get if you desperately need that anal fix.