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September 2nd, 2015 by admin

We got this sleazy amateur honey who likes getting pleasure by having her holes banged. She’s a wild one who is also a big fan of our site and she has My GF Loves Anal bookmarked for all those times she would feel the need to watch video or view pictures of wild bitches like herself. And they are not your typical horny chicks because this particular girlfriend is into getting her bunghole stuffed. Either she uses her fingers or takes the aide of any sex toy that she’s got.

But in these photos, she let her boyfriend do the job and play with her ass while she rubs her wet and hot cunt. She likes to feel those fingers inside her whether they are fucking her tight pussy or her butt or both and at the same time too. This anal-loving bitch would take in anything that would give her pleasure but she would always end up begging for her men to stick their boner or fingers and tongue in her holes until she cums. Masturbating to other chicks here in while browsing through tons of naughty pics, there’s no stopping this honey from giving us her full gallery to enjoy.

She has her own fetishes and kinks that she would like people to jack off to just like the wild girls she sees on homemade porn doing their versions of naughtiness in and out of the bedroom. Be sure to drop by every now and then to not miss any of our sleazy babes who like to play with their ass holes.

Hardcore bitch plays with tight ass and cunt

August 19th, 2015 by admin

Anyone who’s sporting a boner would want to stick it inside anything tight. Any hole aside from someone’s snatch that is, let’s face it, not always as tight as we want it to be and so we go for the next best thing which is the ass. is proud to bring you these pictures of an amateur bitch who obviously enjoys playing with both her holes and not just for her own enjoyment.

She’s the type that you could easily call a hardcore hottie that experiments with almost anything that would please her and her viewers. She likes to play a lot in front of the camera while her boyfriend takes photos of her and she makes him hard in the process. It’s always a win-win situation between these two since after taking a bunch of pictures of this anal-loving honey, she gets rewarded with a throbbing cock that would go straight into her eager holes that needed and begging for some lovin’. And since she already prepped up her BF’s dick, they always end up having the most hottest anal fuck throughout the day ’til they get exhausted.

But before that, this horny bitch wanted to make sure everything’s set and her holes ready by playing with her cunt and ass using her toys. She uses both her fingers and sex toys to make herself wet and slippery and she does these quite easy especially when she senses a horny lover who wanted so bad to stuff her good. She’s got a way of keeping her holes nice and tight and this is one of the many reasons why her man can’t simply shag anyone else. Enjoy more of these bitches here on My GF Loves Anal for more anal-loving action.

Wild amateur bitch stuffed in ass and pussy

August 5th, 2015 by admin

Our featured amateur anal-loving bitch for today is gonna blow your mind. found this sleazy babe in a pile of other hopefuls but we chose her because she likes doing more than just getting her tight ass fucked. We know some other chicks out there who are disgusted by jizz and they would never let you make them have even the slightest bit of a taste even if their lives depended on it. But not this wild bitch.

She is game for whatever kink you may have in mind and it includes enjoying sex with an ass to mouth twist. She doesn’t mind kissing her own ass from your filthy mouth after you’ve licked her hole or suck your cock after you fuck her bunghole with it. Plus, she wanted these encounters to be immortalized in naughty pictures so she can share them all to pals who are also into these kind of shits. So after getting drilled in her snatch and ass, she’d beg you to give her all the man juice you got and you don’t even have to worry about causing too much mess since she will be licking you off dry. So dry in fact that you would forget about spraying your sticky cum all over the place and might just prepare yourself for round two after a few minutes.

These photos clearly show how much of a wild slut this chick is. She will suck you dry, eat your jizz, and let you fuck her in her holes as hard and rough as you can. Good thing she likes having her pics taken when she’s in wild action. This would give her more prospects in her My GF Loves Anal fuck sessions in the future. Click here for her full gallery.

Naughty chicks get their bungholes stuffed

July 22nd, 2015 by admin

Prepare yourselves for this hardcore picture collection of various amateur anal-loving bitches. gathered these new photos of the finest horny honeys who enjoy getting stuffed in their tight bungholes. As much as they like to hump stuff and get fucked in their pussies, they enjoy it immensely when having to deal with one or two hard cocks that would be ploughing both their holes.

But these amateur babes will not stop at just getting fucked rough, they work on their own tight holes even when they are alone. Plus, they never fail to immortalize these anal encounters and make sure to take a lot of pictures, which they show to friends. These friends are no ordinary pals who they hangout with at malls or watch TV marathons with. They got ’em wild fuck buddies who experiment with fucking their bungholes with any hard object they can think of. Typical girlfriends in a way… typical to be extra curious as to how it would feel when stuffing their ass with a massive boner or a huge ribbed dildo or their favorite long and hard veggies even. They kinda find it boring to just be fingering their ass since it gets too tiring and it doesn’t give them much pleasure.

They like to get anal-fucked with really big objects and hear themselves scream with delight. Even if they got fucked in their ass for a few times already, they can still feel like it’s the first time because it’s so tight like they were never banged in there before. They like to be playing with their cunts too while their man work on their buttholes. Check out the full picture gallery here to see more of our My GF Loves Anal sluts.

Naughty honey stuffed in her ass and pussy

July 8th, 2015 by admin

If you get horny watching videos or looking at pictures of hardcore bitches who like to get their bunghole banged using their sex toys, pretty sure this My GF Loves Anal edition will make you weak on the knees.

Our amateur anal-loving honey doesn’t only go for playing with her tight holes by herself but she makes sure to share the same passion for anal sex when her boyfriend is around. She lets him do whatever he wants with her holes and this include playing with her pussy and ass using any long and hard object they can find. They like to experiment and in these photos you’ll see them trying on fucking that ass with a fresh carrot. Probably a bit cool to the feel since it came from the fridge and this gave our wild bitch extra excitement while enjoying the sensation. She says it’s like having a minty lubricant inside her ass and it made her squirm in delight.

They get a lot of these kinky ideas from that’s why they like to visit our site often. It’s also the reason why they wanted their pictures here so they can give the same effect on people who are into anal sex. This wild bitch is a big catch and it shows in this full photo set. She uses her toys to play with her ass and ends up getting fucked by her horny BF too. Stuffing first both her snatch and butt using her sex toys and to somehow prepare them for her boyfriend’s stiff cock. This post is definitely going to be one of your faves so better check back for more nasty chicks like this one.

Chick stuffed in her tight ass and snatch

June 24th, 2015 by admin

This My GF Loves Anal post is something you shouldn’t miss especially if you’re one of those anal sex-lovin’ pervs who can’t stop fantasizing about sticking that hard dong in some wild skank’s bunghole. You want those holes to always be nice and tight so you come here for these amateur babes showing off their desire to have their asses stuffed. This particular hottie will surely give you the time of your life because she doesn’t just rely on someone’s throbbing cock to do the anal-fucking for her, she makes do with her own fingers and toys as well. She’d do everything to please herself and her horny audience.

She enjoys all her sexual activities when taking photos of herself in action or have someone else snap the pics for her so she could perform more. But, like mentioned, she’d do anything to give pleasure so it doesn’t matter much if she’s in the bedroom and fucking someone or just by herself, she will still be playing with herself and making sure she gets the action on these pictures. This wild babe got her interest with stuffing her ass with stuff through the other hardcore chicks here in First time she seen a naughty teen getting her ass loosen by a black cock, she says it looks fuckin’ painful but the lil bitch enjoyed it and wanted another round of rough anal-banging.

This got her so excited that she started fingering her bunghole, to dildoing it, and eventually having her boyfriend fuck her with his stiff dick too. You’re lucky because this full set of her pictures will show all the things she does to her tight ass and pussy. Have a look here and enjoy this anal-loving slut while she plays for you.

Hardcore bitches get their asses stuffed

June 10th, 2015 by admin

Sticking that stiff dong in your horny bitch’s ass almost always feels like doing it with them as virgins, right? Especially when you got a huge one to fuck them with and they still scream with delight. This is what wanted you to experience each time you view our naughty photos of hardcore honeys who prefer to get fucked hard and rough in their ass.

But we have a lot of those who get more pleasure when they play with their pussies while having their asses ploughed at the same time. Yes, only the wildest of anal-loving babes here on My GF Loves Anal of course. They can’t seem to get enough of the action that they have to work with their snatch too while their man enjoys loosening their tight ass. Plus, these bitches like to immortalize their nasty deeds in pictures that they share online. They love the fact that people find pleasure seeing them get all banged up in their holes. If there are voyeurs jacking off and reaching orgasm watching others fuck, these nasty sluts liked being watched because they get more excited that way and so they end up begging for more and requesting anyone to take photos of them even up close while a hard cock or some huge dildo is rammed in and out of their hole.

We like those closeup snaps where we could see that tight ass getting stretched and when the skin sticks on the cock as it pulls out. We can only imagine how much moaning is going on with each thrust of that throbbing boner. We have a bunch of hardcore anal pictures here for you to enjoy and there will be lots more soon so check back once in a while to not miss one post.

Bitch enjoys getting asshole and cunt stuffed

May 27th, 2015 by admin

We got a sleazy amateur honey for you today here on My GF Loves Anal. Well, we usually do, but this particular girlfriend will give you more than just show her love for anal sex. She enjoys playing with her twat and fucking a lot and rough with her BF wherever they may be when they get horny. Plus, this wild bitch likes getting sprayed with sticky cum and swallowing it too especially when they fuck in places they need to keep “clean”.

She makes sure to take a lot of pictures while doing her dirty deeds. She compiles all these and shares them with whoever would find her hot enough to be fantasized about and this makes her do more. So, in this photo gallery that she shared with, she sure showed all angles of her kinkiness. Playing with her cunt using her favorite sex toys while posing on the bed is an ultimate teaser to get the heat going in the bedroom.

Then she starts playing with her boyfriend’s dick ’til she makes it rock hard and make it explode jizz on her face and tits or most times, they love to get more wild by filling up a shot glass with cum and drinking it from there. Nasty, huh? Nasty but it gets you excited in a way because it might be new to you and you’d like to try it with your hoe. After masturbating and giving hot head, this naughty babe’s finale photo stills would include getting fucked in her tight ass of course. It all ends well for our skanky bitch, getting everything she wants in bed. All you got to do now is enjoy the rest of her pictures here and be back for more anal-loving sluts soon.

Girlfriend gets sprayed and enjoys anal sex

May 13th, 2015 by admin

This is an extra special edition for all of our My GF Loves Anal fans who are viewing these photos at this very moment. You see this sleazy amateur bitch? She’s not just going to show you her love for anal sex but for everything naughty stuff that she enjoys doing in the bedroom with her BF as well.

First off, she’s into hot lingerie, which brings out her fine curves and make her look sexier. Secondly, she’s into getting cum on her body and all you perv dudes like your bitches going slippery and wet with your jizz, I know. Then, everything else she likes to do with that hard cock in your hands. Sucking on her man’s dick while he fingers her pussy is one of her favorites. She’s into using her sex toys too and she doesn’t use these while she’s all alone because she finds it more fun when stuffing her wet cunt with a dildo with her boyfriend ploughing her tight ass at the same time. If these aren’t hot enough, you’d need to know about her ‘passion for photography’, always wanting to immortalize every single moment of herself with a cock in her pussy and ass.

She sees to it that her BF is in the mood to take pictures of their fuck sessions especially when it involve steamy anal sex, which they both love. Being avid viewers of themselves, they’ve seen a lot of wild anal-loving pairs who gave them too much excitement, which ended up with this a naughty photo compilation they show their friends. Apparently, this chick wanted more people to enjoy their hot sexy time while she gets both her holes drilled so she’s sharing this full pic set for you all.

Wild chick enjoys stuffing her pussy and ass

April 28th, 2015 by mygflovesanal brings to you this sleazy amateur slut who enjoys stuffing her holes on cam especially her tight bunghole. She’s one of those typical party animals who likes to spice up a boring get together and put on her own show. She’s into her acts more when there are horny people watching her do her stuff.

She gladly posed for these photos while her pervy pal took advantage of a front row seat viewing a horny naked honey toying with her ass. This amateur chick just wanted to tease her friends by stripping naked and show off how much weight she lost while doing a new diet she tried out then it got better as she finds herself asking guests to freely take pictures of her. Naked and horny, she started feeling her now wet pussy and spreads her legs for everyone to see. Then we know what happened next as she held her sex toy and began stuffing it inside her ass while she plays with her cunt. Of course everyone in the room screeched to a halt and took part taking their own photos of her for probably like some sort of party favors.

This My GF Loves Anal bitch finally did one of her wildest fantasies and this photo gallery is one of her favorite anal experience given that she get to share it with horny peeps who are into the same kinks as she is. She didn’t feel shy riding and fucking that toy on her ass with some complete strangers caressing their bulging crotch and looking like they’re ready to pounce. She would probably take anyone on that floor and fucked away too but she’s pretty content playing with her toy… for now. Check out her full photo set here.